Hungary delegation Wadi Al-Natroun and the Red Sea monasteries to revive the Holy Family path

Hungarian delegation started a visit to the Holy Family path, They went on Sunday to the monasteries of Wadi Al Natroun including St. Bishoy monastery and al-Surian Monastery. And began a visit to the Red Sea monasteries on Monday that will be concluded on Thursday. Before visiting Old Cairo churches and meeting with HH Pope Twadros II, and conclude the visit on June 29.

Ibrahim Ishaq, Patriarch of the Catholic Copts and head of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Egypt, received the Hungarian delegation which came to visit the Holy Family path, last Friday.

The delegation included 12 people, headed by Father Sabolch, head of the Polish Father’s Monastery in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, and including a group of journalists and university professors, led by Markó Michael

Last year, the Egyptian delegation met with His Holiness Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, who blessed the icon of the Holy Family, giving the starting signal for the Holy Path tourism.

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